Monday, January 28, 2013

But, you don't look sick...

All of my lupies know the saying, "But you don't even look sick..".. we've heard it a thousand times, and truthfully (speaking on behalf of the millions of us that fight this disease) We're sick of it...

Tell me something people, what does "being sick" look like..

Like this?

Or maybe, it's like this?

Either way? You're wrong.

Just because I'm not walking around with tissues, sneezing and coughing, does not mean I am not sick! People who tell me that are so ignorant to the fact that there is more than one kind of illness that makes you sick.

I can remember one time when I was at work, and I started flaring up at my desk.
I walked into my boss office.. and this is how the conversation went:

Me: Mr.Boss (I will leave his name anonymous) I'm not feeling too well, I really do need to go home.
Boss: Why what's wrong?
Me: I'm feeling really sick.

He then proceeds to stand up, and feel my head for a fever. I gave him one of those "TRICK PLEASE" looks and backed up... (you are not about to put your ole' smelly hands on my forehead.. what's wrong with you?!?!)

Boss: Sharnae, you don't even look sick, is this a woman problem?

*pause* Did this fool just ask me was it a "woman's" problem?!?!

As disgusted as I was with that comment, I just walked out the office and just dealt with it. That was when I first experienced my "You don't look sick" moment... and knew from then on I was going to face that problem with ANYBODY I told I was sick to.

One thing people got to understand about us lupies is that this disease does so much to our bodies, that even if it sounds bogus.... trust and believe that it's a huge possibly that whatever we're telling you, and explaining to you how we feel.... IT'S TRUE!!!! (Guess what?!?! We don't make this stuff up for attention!) This disease attacks ANY healthy organ in our body, and I'm sorry but until you have experienced your own body ATTACKING itself, you have nothing to say to me about "looking" sick....

*peace & blessings*

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