Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Awkward Pill Container

I was reading one of my lupie friend’s blog on how she has now reached taking 62 pills a day. As sad as this is, it’s a sad truth that a lot of us lupies deal with. We go to the doctor, PRAYING that the doctor will lower our dosage, but sadly another pill gets added to the bunch. I must say I am blessed though. I have not reach 62 pills a day, but it’s scary to even think that so much medicine MUST get consumed in order for me to have a normal day. Taking pills has become an everyday deal for us, so we deal with it right!?!

One thing I’ve started to hate as a spoonie is… that awkward moment when you pull out your pill container.. (mine looks like this..)

Anyways, the room gets so quiet when I pull this out and start to sort through my medicine. All eyes are on me, and it’s like I want to scream.. “Umm, yes, I’m okay, please continue conversing amongst yourselves!” I try not to pull it out in public, because that’s when all the questions are asked....
1) “Do you really have to take all of those pills? Every day?”
2) “What does each of them do?”
3) “I can’t imagine taking all of those pills every day, how do you do it?”

Now, I’m all for educating those that have no idea what lupus is and what us lupies have to do to live a normal life, but to ask me the same question, EVERY TIME you see me pull out my pill container is a little too much. 

1) Yes, I take these everyday (that’s why my container has Sunday through Saturday on it)…. (duh!)
2)Each pill does what it needs to do so I won’t feel pain, curse you out because I’m tired, and most importantly they give me a sense of functioning like a normal healthy adult… 
3) and how do I do it? Well refer back to answer number two… It’s not that I want to do it, I have to!!

So I give this advice to those that see someone pull out that awkward pill container….. don’t give them a sympathy face, and don’t stare at them like you’re uncomfortable watching them, because believe it or not it’s more uncomfortable for us to have to do this every day… just be understanding and get ready to pass us spoonies a glass of water and keep it moving… 

Okay?? ....Understood?? .... Good!!
Now…. I must go take my meds... *pulls out pill container* Good night folks! ;)