Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I Have Lupus...

"God often allows us to be in situations that are too much for us so we will learn no situation is too much for Him."
- Erwin Lutzer

I can honestly remember the day I got diagnosed with Lupus (which I'll tell more about in another blog) and when the doctor came into my room and told me what I had, I was clueless to what lupus was and how I had got it. I can remember calling my mom and grandmother telling them the reason why I was aching and hurting so much for the past couple of weeks and although they didn't react too bad to the news it made them anxious for me to move back home.

See the thing is, I live out of town, with no family...A hand full of friends (which I must admit have been a awesome support system since I've gotten diagnosed) so receiving the news alone took a toll out on me.

I cried my first night after hearing the news. I had logged in on the Internet & started researching the disease and I just couldn't understand why God had placed this "plague" or "disease" on me after I had tried so hard in life to be a strong and good person.

Then that quote mentioned above was in one of my daily devotions that I read before bed every night and since then I have found myself reading that quote every morning when I wake up.

See, I thought receiving the news of Lupus was a punishment from God. I honestly thought that it was a disease that was going to kill me...

Nooooooo buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am stronger than ever and I think being diagnosed has taught me that nothing can ever bring you down unless you allow it.... I have found strength in God and in myself to continue my doctorate degree, work a full time job, allow time for volunteering and community service and I still hope to one day have my own business...

So this quotes means a lot to me because it just further expresses how I have lupus, and lupus does not have me..


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