Monday, May 6, 2013

Who got time to worry?

Having lupus has really changed my entire way of thinking. I swear I use to stress and worry about the most littlest things, and now I swear I brush stuff off my shoulders like it’s nothing….

I use to always say, “Everything happens for a reason.” When I was first diagnosed, I use to think.. “What the hell is the reason for this?” but every day I see more clearly what the reason is…  it’s to enjoy my life while I still have one.

I was depressed my first month when I found out I had a disease that could take my life away, and when I realized that I had to keep living because laying around wasn’t going to get me where I wanted to go… I got up with a whole new attitude.

I wake up in pain almost every day, but I WAKE UP. I spend money on medications every month, but I HAVE A JOB THAT ALLOWS ME TO AFFORD THEM. Simple things like this is what many of us take for granted when there are so many other people that wish they could have half of what we have. I’ve learn to never focus on the negative of a situation, but to keep on smiling and pushing through the pain and suffering that many of us experience.

Before, I use to worry about the stupidest stuff.. “Why am I so fat?”.. “Why can’t I make straight A’s?”.. “How can I fit in?”.. blah blah blah. Who cares about that mess now??! I’ve got bigger fish to fry and worrying about those little things are not top priority to me anymore. This disease has allowed me to mature my whole state of being.. I take care of ME first. My mind, body, and spirit.

And that whole saying, “You either get with it or get lost!” has become my motto because it’s so true. All of my fellow lupies know that it’s no time to worry about things or people that aren’t with you for the long run….life is too short, and we’ve got to enjoy every bit of it while we can!