Friday, June 14, 2013

I'm not lazy, I PROMISE!

One thing that sucks the most about lupus is the fact that when you wake up in the morning, you have NO idea what your body is going to tell you you're capable of doing.

Prime example... SOOOOOOO, I woke up this morning, looked over at my packed suitcase (because I had planned on going on a trip when I got off work)... lo and behold my body told me to stay at home this weekend.  My energy just disappeared over night. 

Y'all, I was hyped about leaving and hanging with my friends but like I said, my body said no! 

I went to work like normal, but the entire time I couldn't be totally productive because I was out of it. I tried to smile and push through today but I swear, I could've laid on the couch all day, with a box of ice cream sandwiches, and a cold glass of milk and would've been okay. 

This is what my life has come to... I am so much more than just laying on a couch. That's not me! I love being out and about and always doing something, but lupus has definitely revamped my whole life.

and let's not talk about my horrible days at work.... O-EM-GEE!!!! I know sometimes my boss looks at me and wonders... "Is she really "sick" or is this chick just lazy?"... Sigh. And lets be for real!! How can I prove that I'm really not lazy!! It's true!!! It's true!!! I really am sick and I really do love to work.

Hmmmm, I don't know!! This is just a random rant from a person that just downed a handful of meds. They don't call us spoonies for nothing!!! :)

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  1. I so relate...although I am somewhat lazy by nature. And a procrasinstor bigtime...
    Lupus has affected me worse than ever just in the last six months ...and just a vicious cycle.... flareups make me depressed and depression seems to make flare ups worse ..... I am always so overwhelmed and can't seem to get anything done ... some day day at a time