Saturday, August 31, 2013

Let Me Explain...

"Can I catch it?"
"How do you get it?"
"Is it like having cancer?"

Us lupies have the hardest time explaining what Lupus really is, and most of the time when we explain it, people are still often left confused. The weirdest thing about Lupus is that most of the time, a person that has it does not look sick. We often get that, "Oh, you just need some rest!", or "Maybe you should try exercising and a healthier diet" I know that I'm smiling and laughing with you right now, but guess what? Twenty minutes from now, I may want to drop kick you down a flight of stairs and go home and rest like nothing ever happened. (Blame the prednisone!!)

(side note: If one more person that think that they're a doctor and try to diagnose me with what THEY think I should be doing, I'm going to scream!!!!)

And although I don't mind answering questions for those that don't get it, I find it quite redundant and frustrated at times.... ONLY because after I explain it, people want to be doctors and tell me that I've been mis-diagnosed. LIKE REALLY???? I understand that this is a disease that is not as popular as the others but please don't down play my hurt and pain because you don't understand what I've actually been diagnosed with. 

Yes the symptoms of lupus are similar to other illnesses and diseases, but it's beyond anything that a flu, cold, or the "lack of sleep" could do to a person's body. People, do your research on lupus and if you have questions after that, please don't hesitate to ask us lupies!! If anything we are all for spreading awareness about the disease so that more research and funding will go into finding a cure for the mysterious disease.

Be a little more sensitive people and don't try to play doctor. Just love us in our pain and understand that we appreciate your patience with us. We REALLY do!!!